Leo Astrology July 23 - August 22

Build up the physical strength to manifest and ground your vision with more ease. The transition between seasons could be tough on you, and you need to find a childish push within to enjoy them all, with their positive traits and all the good things they bring your way. Year brings special dialogues and relationships with depth and clarity. Honesty will be emphasized, yours just as much as the clear approach of those around you, and you have a chance to enjoy socializing with the right crowds and meet impressive people who are just as strong and willing as you are.

Relationships will blossom, and the trick is not to get carried away into unrealistic expectations, so you can build a truthful and stable foundation for everything that might come and shake things up ahead of the road. With Saturn stable in Capricorn and your sixth house, your unconscious world might be making a lot of problems, and time will be an issue that leads to stress, finally leading to all chronic conditions showing their stubborn, ugly face again.

Whatever repeats itself from month to month should be accepted through your emotional world, so you can swim out of it and do something specific to fix what is broken and let go of guilt and pressure that push you into health problems. Your heart needs nurturing, as well as your blood vessels, and you are to pay attention to getting enough liquids, so you can let the emotional flow cleanse what it needs to cleanse.

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Keep your knuckles and your spine warm, give them flexibility and return healthy oils into your everyday diet to prevent cholesterol rise and troubles with weight fluctuation. Love life might not seem that serious at the first half of the year, but it will get serious in months to come. A bit less serious than you have been for a while, you could feel the need to distance yourself from difficult working ethics and issues that are demanding or tiresome.

Stay responsible and keep your feet on the ground, at least to keep your finances stable and your physical existence afloat. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisceans are believed to absorb all the lessons of the eleven signs that come before them, Kelly said.

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Leo (astrology)

Newsletter Sign Up. Lunar Leos require lots and lots of love and care in order to function well in the world. When they feel slighted, these people can be dramatic in their emotional displays.

When their pride has been hurt, they are given to big scenes and sulking. This rarely happens in public, however.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Lunar Leos are far too concerned about their image to make splashy scenes outside the comfort of their own homes. In public, they prefer to take things in dignified ways. Lunar Leos are often personally popular folk who are valued for their integrity and strong sense of justice. Generally, it is easy to reason with a Lunar Lion. Appealing to their well-developed sense of fairness usually works well. When Mercury in Leo people speak, they do it with authority.

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Some of them come across as know-it-alls, but the more mature ones speak with style. They want others to know about their presence of mind and their know-how. They are generally skilled at the art of persuasion. While others may try to win people over with logic, guilt, or wit, Mercury in Leo does it with warmth and good will. They are excellent at promoting ideas and getting their message across. These people can be very attached to their opinions, taking pride in their beliefs, which are often rather idealistic.

LEO - "Nothing can put Your Fire Out" OCTOBER 14th - 20th

They are capable people on an intellectual level, and have an especial desire for self-expression. Creativity is especially important to Mercury in Leo people. They present themselves with a certain amount of flair, and even drama. Often passionate and enthusiastic speakers, Mercury in Leo people get their message across with zeal.

Some people with this position have developed a perhaps more sophisticated manner in which they present their ideas and thoughts, and these natives possess admirable style and warmth. Depending on the confidence level of the whole individual with this placement of Mercury, a stubbornness in the face of criticism or over-sensitivity to anything less than praise is present.


Leo Sign Dates & Traits

Whatever the reaction, Mercury in Leo natives can be mentally arrogant. Mercury, by nature, is detached and reasonable. In Leo, however, the ego comes into play very strongly when it comes to intellectual analysis. With intellect and ego so closely tied, the ability to separate fact from fiction can be impaired. In some, boasting may be a problem. Probably the best way to handle this position is to find self-expression in some creative field.

Mercury in Leo natives can be magnificent story-tellers, for example, mainly because they have such a wonderful sense of drama. They speak and write with heart. When Venus in Leo people are in love, they are proud, even boastful. This position of Venus can turn humble Virgo Suns or retiring Cancer Suns into somewhat demanding lovers. Venus in Leo loves to court and be courted, and they need to feel very special.

Leo Zodiac Sign - Characteristics Of Astrological Sign Leo - stipraicirare.gq

They are warm, generous, and even grand. Be prepared for their displays: they will tell you about any advances that others have made on them. Venus in Leo wants to appear experienced in love, even if they have little or no experience whatsoever! They are also threatened by indifferent or impersonal behavior on your part. Although their needs for physical expression through sex are generally quite strong, their need for love is perhaps even stronger. It is hard for Venus in Leo people to separate love and sex, and even their most erotic fantasies are infused with love and affection.

For this reason, few Venus in Leo folk would last long in a relationship that is mostly sexual. On the flip side, they may last longer in a love-only relationship in the absence of satisfying sex, but they are unlikely to feel very satisfied. Pleasing Venus in Leo involves paying loads of attention to them.

Respect and appreciate them, always. Put up with their childlike moments and their tall tales. They want to be seen as attractive by you, so avoid at all costs! They actually lose interest when they perceive the slightest loss of interest in their partner, and you can expect that any letdown will be acted out in a dramatic fashion. Remind them, in a gentle way, that your emotions count too. If you are feeling a little jealous, let them know.

Remember, to Venus in Leo, your small jealousies are affirmations that you find them attractive and expect the rest of the world to as well. Let them decide where to go on a date, and let them pay too.