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There are 27 Nakshatras, the constellations of stars, which are taken into account by the system of Vedic Astrology. The system also functions on the basis of 9 planets, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and their positions in and movements across the 12 Zodiac signs, as represented by the 12 Houses of the birth or natal chart. A birth chart or horoscope is worked out based on the date, time and place of birth of an individual and indicates the position of the planets across the various Zodiac signs at the time of birth.

The Zodiac Sign of an individual that was ascending at the time of his or her birth, is known as an Ascendant, that is, Lagna or Lagnam. Vedic Astrology also accords greater importance to the Moon and the Moon sign, as compared to its western counterpart, which is based mainly on the Sun. A precise plotting of the planets at the time of birth in the horoscope and the correct reading of the chart, can contribute to accurate predictions about an individual. Vedic Astrology can also provide invaluable insights into the compatibility aspects between a boy and a girl, and help to decide if they acan be united in a fruitful marital bond.

It can also give future predictions on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, workout auspicious timings for starting any important venture, event or function, and also suggest remedies for reducing negative influences. There is a well-founded belief that there exists a clear relationship between factors like the day, date, time and place of birth, and the nature and characteristics of individuals.

The day of birth is considered an important factor in this regard, which can contribute to many of the attributes concerning the people. This may be a pointer for general qualities, personality traits, and aspects like career, love and marriage. Here let us have a look at these factors for the people born on Tuesdays.

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Tuesday is the third day of the week. This is ruled by the fiery, red planet Mars. Mars is also a celestial body that is quite close to earth. Hence, it can be said to exercise strong influence on the earthly beings and accordingly, Vedic astrology attaches great importance to the placement and movement of this Mars in a horoscope. Mars is an aggressive planet. Hence, the Tuesday born will be born fighters.

They will have a steely determination and a desire to lead and succeed. They will be courageous, enthusiastic and well-motivated. However they may become impatient and at times, be hostile and negative. People born on Tuesdays are high energy individuals. They have an adventurous spirit and an intense drive to take things head on. They love to accept tough tasks, complete them and relish their achievements. However, in their over-enthusiasm, they may venture into too many arenas at a time, and end up often shifting between various commitments.

It will do them good if they focus only on one or two jobs at a time. Tuesday born persons are practical in their outlook and this reflects in their being quite materialistic in life. They know the value of money and do very well in finance and banking fields, where there is a steady money flow. They are hard workers with an aggressive approach towards the job on hand and can inspire and motivate others into effective performance.

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However, they remain too focused on achievements and hence, tend to overlook inter-personal relationship issues concerning team members. They may speak their mind without mincing words and in the process hurt the sentiments of the fellow workers. At the same time, they may also be sensitive and may get upset even with mild criticism. Cultivating diplomacy and striking a balance in approach can do immense good for their career prospects. Persons born on Tuesdays will be intense lovers. However they may remain deep in thought even during private moments and give an impression that they are not open individuals.

This may put off their love interests. They may also be quite outspoken and some of their expressions may ruffle a few feathers and upset their partners, which may lead to strains in relationships. It is important for them to nurture sensitivity to the needs and feelings of their partners and see things from their perspective, so that their love can develop into a mature relationship.

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People born on Tuesdays are inherently brave and will protect their partners, children and family fearlessly, against all the impediments of life. However, their impatience and aggression can present them as arrogant to their life partners, and this may upset the harmony in the delicate husband-wife relationship. Also their indiscretion with words can deeply wound their spouses and cause an ever- lasting scar in their hearts.

It will be good if they undertake or begin auspicious events and new ventures on 9th or on dates adding to 9 and that can fetch them handsome dividends. They can also feed the poor, help the needy and do charities on Tuesdays to ward off ill-luck and achieve success.

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Ram Navami is a major Hindu festival which marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ram, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. Ram was born on the ninth day of the Hindu month of Chaitra during the waxing period of the moon Shukla Paksha.

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It corresponds to the months of March—April according to the Gregorian calendar. Massive celebrations are held throughout the country on this day, and most temples are packed to capacity with an influx of pilgrims. Some of the favorite features of the Ram Navami celebrations include singing religious songs, offering prayers, conducting grand homas, reading hymns, enacting scenes from the Ramayana Ramleela and observing a fast. Devotees start the day by waking up early, having a bath and offering prayers to the Sun. Fruits and sweets are distributed as Prasad to all those assembled after completion of the Poojas.

Many devotees observe a fast and do not eat anything until midnight, after the end of all the rituals. Devotees assemble in large numbers to witness the Chariot parade on the occasion of Ram Navami. Wooden or stone statues of Rama, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman are placed on a colorfully decorated chariot and taken in a procession in the adjoining areas to allow people to have a Darshan of the deities. Many people participate actively in the parade, with some even dressing up like the deities and sitting on the chariots as it winds its way through the streets.

Ramleela is an essential part of the Ram Navami celebrations. Actors enact scenes from the life of Lord Rama, his retreat to the forest and his eventual victory over Ravana. It is generally performed in an open-air stage, and people sit as close as possible to the dais to get a better view of the proceedings. The concept of Ramleela is increasingly catching up in many places across the world. Ram Navami celebrations are carried out in a big way in the city of Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram. Innumerable devotees congregate on the banks of the Sarayu River to take a holy dip on the day of Ram Navami.

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They then flock to the temples to take part in the worship and rituals. Some places in South India conduct traditional Ram Navami celebrations for a period of nine days. The wedding ceremony of Ram and Sita is also performed as a part of the festivities. A religious fervor grips the surroundings, with the sound of bhajan and kirtan recitals ringing through the air for the most part of the day. Some devotees in South India conduct Ram Navami Poojas in their homes and arrange for a procession of the deities in the evenings.

Many people flock to temples for offering prayers and reciting mantras in praise of Lord Rama. Since Lord Rama was born at noon, the festivities reach a fever pitch at this time, and devotees sing and dance with a spiritual, religious fervor to mark the moment. Images of Devi Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman are also worshiped with equal zeal. All said and done; Ram Navami is a joyous occasion as it celebrates the birthday of the perfect human being who leaf behind a rich legacy and tradition for others to emulate.

Aadi Perukku is observed during the Tamil month of Aadi, a power time for the Goddess. It is a festival for prosperity and fertility. It is believed that the blessings of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, are abundantly available during this time. During Aadi Perukku , Goddess Lakshmi is in a joyful and generous mood and offers wealth, fertility, courage, education, children, etc. In , Aadi Perukku falls on Aug 3. The festival is also meant to pay homage to water, which sustains life on earth. Mother Nature is represented by the goddess or Amman during the festival. Aadi perukku is, in a sense, a thanksgiving ceremony to Mother Nature.

The month of Aadi heralds the beginning of the monsoons in Tamil Nadu.

Due to the rains, the water level goes up in the rivers and so the month favors rooting, sowing and planting of seeds and other forms of vegetation. Aadi Perukku is also a way to thank the Cauvery River.

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Other perennial river sources in Tamil Nadu and lakes are also worshipped during this time. It is a unique phenomenon in itself.

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It is the women who take the lead in observing the festival. Aadi Perukku is the best time to pray to Lakshmi and Kubera if one needs wealth and success. On Aadi Perukku, women worship Goddess Parvati. Many kinds of rice dishes are prepared and offered to the Goddess. They include coconut rice, sweet Pongal, curd rice, bahala rice, lemon rice and tamarind rice.