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You are easily inspired and like to hear when somebody praises you.

Birthday Number 19

People like you are reliable and real professionals. Every activity you take part in benefits strongly from your input.

You are hard-working and it makes people respect you, though some of them don't even know you close enough. You are eager to make risks to get what you want.

Numerology Number 19

You can change your surroundings, move to another city, stop communication with someone easily if you feel that it prevents you from accomplishing your goal. You keep yourself private, it is okay, but you tend to aloofness.

You need to take a wider look on yourself and people around, because you want to reach your goal, but doing it alone may take too much time, while others can bring you an excellent idea, or point out mistakes that you didn't see. Think about society as a tool for making things better and achieving your goals. You can become really stubborn and obstinate.

Number 19: The Numerology Meanings of Number 19

As a result you can be isolated and stop progressing. You are devoted to your ideas, and if they fail, you become harsher as a person. As far as communication is concerned, the birthday number 19 person has difficulty because he is afraid of confiding and as a result he shows certain irritation when faced with overly intimate situations.

Birthday Number Meaning

He is a sensitive individual and if he is hurt by a friend he can distance this person with sharp criticism which he uses to hide his pain and disappointment. In love, the person born on the 19th of the month prefers a partner who can appreciate his need to be the centre of attention.

He wants independent people, yet they have to be ready to follow him in the event his career requires this. He can aim to achieve excellent results in the field of mathematics, in the art of writing and in speaking, in teaching, in research, in exploration and also in the world of show business, but never behind the scenes!