Scorpio Traits

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars was the God of War in ancient Roman mythology and is the first and most ancient ruler of Scorpio.

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

When Pluto was discovered in the 20th century, it was also assigned to this sign. Pluto was known as the God of the Underworld in ancient Roman times, so when coupled with Mars, expect some intense energy to head toward the Scorpio sign-born here on Earth. This planetary combo makes for people who have traits like being motivated, penetrating and aware.

Are you a Scorpio man or a Scorpio woman?

Scorpio Sign Dates & Traits

These folks are intense, passionate and filled with desire. Their ability to see into things can sometimes be a curse for Scorpios, however, since they can take an insignificant matter and turn it into a huge slight.

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Beware the Scorpio who feels crossed! These folks can turn vindictive in no time flat.

Luckily, once Scorpios catch their breath, they will return to their usual determined and loyal albeit strong-willed ways. Powerful red and serious black.

Life Meter

When it comes to love, though, Scorpios soften up a bit and are caring and devoted with their lovers, even if they do hold on a bit tight. Scorpios are also lusty in the extreme how else?

Whomst can resist??

Discover the truth about the Scorpio zodiac sign love compatibility. The great strength of the Scorpio-born is in their determination, passion and motivation.

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Scorpio Sex

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