Even though these two are very different planets, they're both near the Sun which makes them zodiac neighbors. On the other hand, Cancer is a Water sign and Virgo is an Earth sign and these are two elements that nurture each other to grow and prosper. Both Earth and Water signs seek security, comfort, and consistency, and the two of them are able to provide that for each other, which means that Cancer and Virgo compatibility is pretty strong.

So, what is the best match for a Cancer? Do Cancer and Virgo go together? Read on to find out more about the zodiac compatibility of Cancer and Virgo! These two signs may get off to a slow start, but over time, their bond will only grow stronger. Cancer and Virgo have a lot of things in common and therefore they understand each other and are able to provide the stability and support they both seek.

Cancer is very emotional and can be moody and unpredictable at times. However, Virgo has all the patience and understanding it needs to take Cancer's moods in their stride. They both like routine and order in a relationship and they are both very affectionate, so they'll be very comfortable with each other right from the start of their relationship. Virgo is a perfectionist and well-organized sign, so they will be responsible for planning all the dates, while the caring and giving Cancer will be responsible for making their dates even more special and full of love.

Cancer and Virgo won't argue about fulfilling each other's needs - Cancer's need for security and stability will be fulfilled by the patient and attentive Virgo.

These two will be absolutely devoted to each other and they will share a very passionate love. However, things can get messed up, if the Virgo becomes too critical of their Cancer partner who is very sensitive and gets their feelings hurt easily. The Cancer needs to understand that it's Virgo needs to point out everything they observe. Also, even though Virgo is a very understanding partner, they may be annoyed by their Cancer's stubborn behavior at times.

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Virgo is a straight thinker who solves their problems in life logically. This sign is truthful and loyal, even though some people might find them cold and emotionally detached because they live in their heads. When it comes to love, Virgo cannot express their romantic feelings easily, so they tend to bottle up their emotions and then they blow up at the smallest thing. On the other hand, Cancer is one of the most emotional and sensitive zodiac signs that feels deeply. Virgo's aloofness can turn off other zodiac signs, but not Cancer.

Cancer is highly intuitive and they will be able to figure out immediately what the Virgo is thinking or feeling at the moment.

Cancer and Virgo

Potential problems may arise when the Virgo starts talking in an unemotional way and accidentaly offends their Cancer. Cancer and Virgo friendship and romantic compatibility are high on the astrological chart. But, what about sex? Are Cancer and Virgo sexually compatible? Sex between Cancer and Virgo may not be wild at the beginning, but it will be full of love, passion and mutual respect. Because of Cancer's intuitive and emotional approach to intimacy, Virgo will quickly show Cancer their sensual side that few others see.

They find each other physically attractive and sensual, so there won't be a shortage of passion in this relationship. Even though Virgo is the sign of the virgin, they can be very kinky in the bedroom, while Cancer is a sweet and sensitive lover, willing to satisfy every need of their Virgo partner. Their sex life will be passionate, loving, and fulfilling for both of them.

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These two make a great couple, but how do Cancer and Virgo get along with each other when it comes to marriage? Their relationship is built on a foundation of hard work, commitment, common sense, and a strong desire to please each other, so these two will be focused on the creation of a secure and loving home and close family. Both signs are family-oriented, so their home will be a cozy and welcoming space for gathering family and friends.

Cancer and Virgo are not that bothered about an active social life and prefer to stay at home, surrounded by plenty of animals as well as children. Therefore, professionals will make good progress in their jobs while businessmen can laugh their way to banks. As the year promises to be tough for Cancer individuals for business and career, you have to work out new strategies.

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Probably hard work may help you. The other alternative is to bring out your instincts to improve your skills or come out with alternatives. Certainly determination and perseverance to succeed will get you the desired success. Predictions for Finance for Cancer Star Sign indicate a not so favorable first half of and a highly encouraging second half. Therefore, it will be prudent not to invest in risky ventures during the first half. You may also incur unexpected expenses. All your finances are governed by the negative aspects of Jupiter.

However, the situation improves radically during the second half of the year. You can invest surplus money in savings instruments. But avoid speculative ventures and luxurious items. It is advisable to spread your investments over a variety of financial plans. Cancer people can also use their intelligence to make new methods of making money.

Surplus money should be used to reduce loans and debt. Overall, a good financial strategy will go a long way to enhance your monetary health.

Family Dynasty

Travel of Cancer persons is governed by the positive influence of Jupiter this year. Businessmen and professionals will have profitable journeys. If you are seeking a change of location, that will also be possible.

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As a result, health will be excellent during the second quarter of Health problems can be expected during the second half of the year. These may impact your vitality and overall health. Therefore, it is the right time to re-look your diet and exercise plans. If necessary make suitable changes. Mental health is equally important. You can resort to yoga or other relaxation techniques to maintain your emotional well being. Problems and Changes will be a part of life. Hence you have to be ready to face them and come out with the right plan to tackle them.

Above all, relationships and career problems have to be tackled on a priority.

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