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In the glyph the fish are meant to be joined together, however, they swim in opposite directions. This emphasizes the dual nature of Pisces, and one fish represents the more mystical and imaginative side of Pisces while the other represents pursuing personal goals. Together they can exist in harmony. The glyph for the sun represents the life sustaining energy, light, that the sun produces. The circle of the glyph is comparable to infinity, as the circle does not possess a beginning nor an end. The dot represents the point from which all things manifest, making us the creative manifestation of the dot.

The glyph for the moon is a semicircle that represents what has already been manifested by the sun. The glyph for Mercury is a made up of a combination of different symbols. It is the cross of matter, the circle of spirit, and the semicircle of the moon in one glyph. The glyph for Venus depicts the harmonious unification of masculine and feminine energies into one entity the circle. Their manifestation results in the cross of matter, which is placed beneath the circle. It can also represent both the pairings of fire and air and earth and water existing together in order to procure life.

The glyph for Mars is made up of the cross of matter and the orb of light think back to the sun. The placement of the cross of matter above the orb of light implies that Mars forcefully creates from the primal and fiery energy of the spirit and outputs that into the surrounding world. The glyph for Jupiter consists of the semicircle or the moon rising above the cross of matter. This represents the ability of us to rise above our experiences on Earth and to acquire wisdom and freedom pertaining to our consciousness and existence all in all, expansion which is closely associated with Jupiter.

While Jupiter represents expansion, Saturn represents contraction. The glyph for Uranus is made up of the cross of matter and the circle of spirit.

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It represents creation derived from everything that is unique, different, and sometimes rebellious. Each of these aligns with the spiritual nature of Neptune, and are meant to be the things that we should seek to elevate. The glyph for Pluto is only a combination of the initials of Percival Lowell, the astronomer who aided in the discover of Pluto. However the more esoteric alternate symbol, which is:.

Together they represent the process of both evolution and involution, with the manifestation of the energy of the spirit on earth involution and the exchange of us and our environment that produces an awakening evolution. In Mayan Astrology there is the Birth Glyph which is somewhat like a Zodiac Sign, it focuses on growth, transformations, and life lessons. There is the Trecena which is like a Moon Sign and explores your deeper self.

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Meanings and symbols seem to cross over from Day Glyphs to Trecenas. Each person has a Galactic Tone, you could maybe compare this to numerology.

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This number shows how you are connected to the divine and sheds more light on your own personal life mission. The Past Sign describes your childhood and influences you when you are young. Your Destiny Sign is a guide into growth and maturity. There is a Female and Male Sign. The Female describes passive traits that rarely come to the surface.

The Male traits are obvious and active. The Male Sign is a lot like your Rising, the traits you show to the world. There are The Lords of the Night which describes your hidden self, much like the 12th House. Western Astrology In contrast, western astrologers have begun to use the Nodal Axis only relatively recently. There are two definitions of the quindecile aspect.

An aspect with an angle of 40 degrees. Cardinal Fire. Bold, courageous, enthusiastic, and impulsive. Fixed Earth. Practical, persistent, sensual, and stubborn.

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Mutable Air. Intelligent, light-hearted, communicative, and indecisive.

Mutable Earth. Discerning, analytical, helpful, and neurotic. Cardinal Air. Gracious, charming, diplomatic, and manipulative.

Fixed Water. Intense, passionate, resourceful, and secretive. Mutable Fire.

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Optimistic, gregarious, honest, and dogmatic. Cardinal Earth. Organized, serious, ambitious, and ruthless. Fixed Air. Independent, detached, humanitarian, and inflexible. Mutable Water. Sensitive, imaginative, compassionate, and unfocused. Vitality, prana, life-force energy, and radiance… read more.

Instinct, emotions, receptivity, and nurturing… read more. A hidden planet used in esoteric astrology. The path, dharma, contribution, and service… read more. Transformation, power, catharsis, regeneration, and emptiness…. The zodiac sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth Read more Read more Potential future path that may bring deeper insight and awareness.

Indicator of past patterns that bring a sense of ease but lack the potential for growth. The vertex of a horoscope is the westernmost point on the Ecliptic where it intersects the Prime Vertical. When planets appear to move backwards in their orbit. Otherwise known as the Black Moon Lilith. The Arabian Parts are not used in all branches of astrology, but are mainly used in Horary Astrology.

The Part of Fortune is thought to be a good luck factor in a chart. Some integration of the energies is required. Effort may be required to resolve tension. Declinations are:. Chiron is associated with healing, teaching, suffering, and questing. Pholus is associated with divination, sacred knowledge, and addiction.

Nessus is associated with lust, betrayal, abuse of power, facing consequences, and atonement. The sun travels through all of the signs of the zodiac as the year progresses. Look at the sun, moon, and planets that are incorporated into astrology. Where each is positioned on an astrological chart will affect the meaning of the chart. Look at the zodiac as a degree circle to identify aspects.